gMax 2 PRO Touchscreen Firmware 221107

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gMax 2 PRO
Please note the gMax 2 PRO mainboard and touchscreen use different firmware. This is for the touchscreen only.

Installation instructions can be found in the gMax 2 PRO user guide found on this forum.

Update 11/7/2022 :
MPC tuning to replace PID
Notifications display correctly
Preheat defaults to nozzle if heated bed isn't installed
Notification pops up if runout sensor is off
Refresh speed improvements

More information can be found here:

Update 7/15/2022 :
Updates from BIQU github
New event LED's
Adjustments to PID
New options in Featured menu
Start gcode always sets Z fade to 20

Update 12/16/2021 :
Updates to match new Marlin firmware from 211214

Update 9/13/2021 :
Changed baud rate to 115200 for better compatibility
Some icon changes
Touchscreen will need to be "woken up" if the screen dims to avoid accidental button press
First release
Last update
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