gMax 1.5+ Gadgets 3D (Blue) SINGLE Extruder

gMax 1.5+ Gadgets 3D (Blue) SINGLE Extruder v 15.07.20

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gMax 1.5+
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Modified marlin firmware used on the gMax 1.5+ series of printers. This firmware is used with Single Extruder printers with Gadgets 3D (blue) electronics and the Gadgets 3D LCD screen. Firmware does NOT include auto bed leveling.

Please note this is not a repository for firmware changes and you should always refer to the official Marlin Firmware wiki if you wish to add to and/or download the latest firmware (which will require modification to work on gMax printers).

We recommend using Arduino 1.0.4 IDE for uploading and you may have to install the u8glib library to compile: ...

Refer to our youtube channel for a video on how to install firmware.
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