gMax 2 Firmware - Marlin 1.1.9 190722

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GPL License
Compatible With
gMax 2
Marlin 1.1.9 Firmware for gMax 2

Used on the gMax 2 3d printer. This firmware ships pre-installed on your gMax 3d printer.

Modifying the firmware is for advanced users and it not recommended. Making changes to the firmware could cause damage to your printer not covered under warranty..


The new firmware includes .hex files and you can simply upload using Cura slicing software. Refer to this tutorial for a simple walk through on installing firmware with Cura:

Alternatively you can use xLoader to install the firmware. Make sure to set baud rate to 115200

If you are uploading via the Arduino environment, we recommend using version 1.9.0. Also make sure to have the u8glib library installed. We recommend version 2.24.3

Thank You

The original Marlin github can be found here:
Marlin Github changelog:

Do not use the configuration files for the gMax found on the github page. Always download the gMax firmware found on our forum to ensure it works on your printer.

A huge thank you to the entire Marlin Development team. We will be incorporating our changes to the Marlin github and as always our source code is available in the .zip file.
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