Upgrade my aged gMax 1.5

Hi Everyone,

In view of the corona 3D print requests -- I'm looking to upgrade my very aged (original Gmax 1.5 with LCD display) to do some printing for the Local hospital needed items, like ear protectors for the mask straps.

1. Is it possible/practical to upgrade it to the full display? -- I guess I'll needed that to use the newer Marlin versions
2. Is it possible/practical/how difficult to add bed leveling? -- Always a problem with my printer
3. Should I upgrade the rails?
4. Is it possible to add heated bed -- given it's the original 1.5
5. Can I add the filament run out sensor?
6. Any other recommendations

Thank you in advance,

Of course you can do all of that.
The question is do you know how to? Since you're asking if you can, I would guess not.
The printer uses Marlin firmware. You'll need to be able to make changes to it.
Start by learning Marlin.
Hi @Jarhead,

Yes I know how to do that -- I can see it's the ramps 1.4 board.
The reason I'm asking is: I'd rather spend the time printing the badly needed supplies than tweaking the printer -- however much fun it would be. I have a mostly dead Makerbot Replicator 2x I'm panning to turn into a franken-printer later.

I was hoping that someone already went through this exercise and would willing to share notes/stl/etc.

I was hoping to get the Gmax with it's massive print area working ASAP ...

The though was if there are parts to go from 1.5 to 1.5+ already so that I can quickly update the firmware, add the the features and print.


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